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▷ news


we don't have anything in particular to share right now but there's heavy nocturnal activity detected ;o) we're currently working on a few new tracks again which are - pardon our french - kickin' butt.


new album 'no way out' with non-percussive tracks previously released on 'grand day out' is out and available on bandcamp today.


daniel from the unter-ton e-mag has published his review on 'grand day out' today. enjoy your stay on his german website we can only strongly recommend.


'grand day out' was released today and is available on bandcamp and/or discogs. we also offer a special limited collector's edition (physical + download) including a t-shirt and stickers.


our website has just undergone some improvement and was aligned with the visual appearence/logo on bandcamp.
we also plan to offer very limited collector's editions on the new album's release day, still over 2 weeks ahead of us. :o)


here it comes.

release date has been determined to be october, 3rd, 2020.


the new album is getting finishing touches and will contain about 15 new tracks with a total playing time of roughly 55 minutes. available for digital download and as physical compact disc soon.


yes! long-awaited 'killing dreams 2.0' and 'point of no return' were released during the last week and are now available. check out the bandcamp site for more info and limited cd offers.
very x-tra special thanks go out to sander kapper from black selket
who contributed two perfect remixes on 'point of no return'.
there's still new stuff coming up somewhere in the last quartile of the year, so stay tuned.


artwork and mastering of the new album 'point of no return' is finished. cd production is currently in progress.


the videos from our last gig at the buchte can be watched on youtube, containing 8 tracks from the local heroes contest. watch and enjoy the show, play it loud or not at all. ;o)

all previously unreleased tracks represented in the videos will be available at a later stage. it is planned to arrive somewhere mid 2019.


ok - this is it. after being absent from the web for 6 years creating.paradise is back online! go-live of the new website which is still under construction. more news and formatting are likely to follow soon. enjoy your stay.

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▷ band

creating.paradise was conceived as a one-man and his machines' project that evolved over the last decades. originating from solid numeric computer sound programming in 1992, going over hardware synthesizers and effects it is today using virtual equipment only. in contrast to other projects of this kind samples are conserved material from the 90's contributing this very special sound.

vocal performance is covered by bjoern m. across most releases, between 2002 and 2007 almost exclusively by bjoern h. who luckily also contributed the lyrics during that era which were a boost together with his unique characteristic voice.

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▷ music

about the music

the music generally covers the electronic genre and styles from ebm, industrial and electro are represented, sometimes also darkwave, gothic-like, idm and classic orchestration. whenever something is composed, it follows an idea. sometimes self-motivated, sometimes with a cinematic background or based on experiences. the musical product is always meant to provide only a sketch to the listeners imagination, leaving enough room for the listener to complete the story or paint a picture within the mind.

get the music

listen and obtain our music without registration over bandcamp. clicking on their cover below will forward to the corresponding album page with more detailed information. on bandcamp they are either digitally available or on compact disc. you can also buy used or new c.p compact discs on discogs, but prices vary depending on availability.

the back catalogue of self-released material was successively remastered and reissued in 2019 and 2020.



syncOut - surf the waves [19 tracks] available on bandcamp


lost inside of this scenery [9 tracks] available on bandcamp


thru the valley of darkness [15 tracks] available on bandcamp


selected paradise, promo-cd [15 tracks]


selected paradise 2, promo-cd [14 tracks]


pro(mo)samples, promo-cd [6 tracks]


return to light volume 1 sampler [13 tracks, var. artists]


killing dreams [7 tracks]


refraktor volume 34 sampler [16 tracks, var. artists]


grenzfrequenz sampler volume 1 [13 tracks, var. artists]


point of no return [19 tracks] available on bandcamp


killing dreams 2.0 [9 tracks] available on bandcamp


grand day out [16 tracks] available on bandcamp


no way out [11 tracks] available on bandcamp

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bjoern muehlnickel

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black selket
oliver jordan

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you can drop us a line in the contact area to receive updates via e-mail. please use 'subscribe' or 'unsubscribe' in the mails subject.

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send us an e-mail to (remove extra error in e-mail address)


bjoern muehlnickel
28870 ottersberg

c.p is not tracking or saving personal data, the provider may does.

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